Real Thai Kitchen Restaurant

The place to be for the REAL Thai food in Santa Cruz, California.


About us

Ratana Bowden took over ownership of Real Thai Kitchen in October of 2012, but her cooking background started more than 30 years ago — and almost 8,000 miles away. 


Each dish at Real Thai Kitchen is made to order. Bowden created many of the signature items including Trout in the Jungle, The Good Company and Three Tastes Fish. The restaurant’s most popular appetizers include the fresh rolls and fried spring rolls. For entrées, people love the spicy basil and eggplant dishes, and all of the curries. When people are getting a cold, they come for our ginger soup. The broth has fresh ginger, and it’s very good for you.


"...this little eatery has another secret ingredient. The place feels like home — if home was in Thailand. Warmly gracious staffers greet regulars and newcomers like long-lost friends. The simple but welcoming ambiance includes Thai touches ranging from tasteful detailing to cute kitsch at the front counter..."

from Santa Cruz Sentinel


Nothing brings people together like Real Thai food.